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Over the next 3-5 minutes this post will cover an explanation of what CRO is, reasons for it being important and step-by-step methods you can implement for self-improvement for this aspect of digital marketing.


What Is CRO?


CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, and although it may sound complex it can be easily understood when broken down.




First we must address what you as the business owner or Webmaster identify as a conversion. A conversion can range from moving from one page on a website to another, to filling out a contact form, or completing the online purchase of an item; basically a goal for a particular page.




It is all about looking at the data when determining the rate. To do this you can use free tools from Google such as Google Analytics. This tool will allow you to see how many people are visiting each page as well as the time spent on the page, and most importantly what they did while on that page.


We will now need to incorporate the conversion into the rate section, and for simplicity sake let’s say that we are looking for a visitor to fill out a contact form. Now there are two numbers we need to look at, the number of people who are visiting the page and the number of contact form submissions received.


Basic calculations can now be used to determine the conversion rate – # of submissions received / # of visitors to the page.


For example, say five people visited the page and one completed contact form was received:


1 (number of contact forms received)


5 (number of page visits)


= .20 or 20% conversion rate




Lastly, now that we have covered a conversion rate, we can get into the fun stuff that makes you more money, optimization.


Express Writer’s explains that there are two main methods for optimizing CRO, testing various possibilities and pre-testing.


Testing various possibilities can easily be demonstrated through what’s called A/B testing. An example of this can be by creating two identical pages with the exception of a varied colored button on each saying to ‘click here to find out more’ (one button being blue and the other red). The next step would be to send half of the website traffic to each page, and then determine the conversion rate of each page. After completing the calculations you would be able to see what button color leads to the most conversations, allowing you to optimize that particular page so you can send all traffic to the most beneficial button color.

KriXis Consulting CRO Blog | A/B Testing Example

Pre-testing focuses on completing market research upfront, then building the page(s) around that information.


We have found that both strategies are effective; however, if you really want to see results it is best to take the time to utilize both methods, there is no such thing as a page that converts too well.


KriXis’s Top CRO Benefits


We focus primarily on working with machine shops and manufacturers and from our clientele we have established three consistent major benefits delivered on CRO projects – improving sales and lead acquisition, getting the most from previous SEO campaigns and CRO being a low cost website upgrade when compared to other digital marketing strategies.


Improve Sales and Lead Acquisition


This benefit should be the easiest to see since the purpose of CRO is improving the rate at which goals are reached, assuming the ultimate goal is to increase sales and lead gen.


Get The Most From SEO Efforts


SEO (search engine optimization) is a primary focus of all of our clients. The benefits of SEO are incredible, and will drive traffic to your businesses’ website, but once they get there everything needs to be in place to turn them from a visitor into customer. This is where CRO plays a key role.


Budget Friendly


The trend for all marketing in business is that you get what you pay for; however this is not always the case. A decision maker could spend a fortune on paid ad campaigns, but could see equal increases in sales at a fifth of the cost. This is why we encourage CRO to be just as important of a marketing strategy as SEO.


Logo Of KriXis Consulting | Top CRO Benefits

How To Improve CRO


We at KriXis Consulting love to get more business, but as a thank you for taking the time to read this post we want to leave you with three do-it-yourself processes that can be implemented on your spare time to begin building a foundation for CRO success.


Ask Current Clients


If you are reading this I am assuming that you have at least one client under your belt. Now would be a great time to ask them to look over your website and see what would make things easier for them. They may give you the best advice for some quick fixes to improve a visitor’s experience.


Shorten Your Website Content


We have all experienced websites where you get bored of reading through everything and before you even find what you are looking for you leave the page and see what someone else has to offer. Don’t be this website. Review the content on your website and see if you can make everything more concise and to the point. You would be amazed at the correlation between less text and more time spent on the page.


Use Google Analytics


The proof is in the pudding, and Google Analytics provides all the possible pudding (for your website data at least). Take some time and review what pages visitors are spending the most time on, as well as the pages with the least amount of time. See how they differ and try to mimic the design and layout of the pages with the most time spent.

Data From Google Analytics By KriXis Consulting | O&S Machine Company

CRO Summary


You should now have a better understanding of what CRO is, the benefits that it can provide for your business and how to create some of these benefits for yourself. If you really want to supercharge the CRO of your website click the button below.



We want to say thank you for taking the time to read this post and as always we encourage sharing this information with business associates and friends. Also be sure to check out some of our other posts:

Owners and marketing directors are hounded weekly if not daily regarding digital marketing. We at KriXis Consulting decided more than a year ago to take a different approach; create a data-backed, industry-specific case study.

This post has been written with two goals in mind, to thoroughly explain a digital marketing process and provide realistic attainable benefits from the explained processes. We realize you may be unfamiliar with some terms in this post, to help we hyperlinked terms-of-art to pages with easy explanations for your convenience.

We wanted to find the perfect machine shop; a company that understood an online presence was needed, but was not actively making improvements.

Our desired shop met the following criteria:

  • Has an outdated or no website;
  • Absent from social media;
  • Sparse if any digital presence;
  • At least 10+ years in business.


Shop Selection


Over a year ago (currently May 2017) we sent an offer via email blast for a discounted website, design and build, and creation of a digital marketing foundation in return to allow us to create a case study. We selected two machine shops – Southeastern Manufacturing Enterprise, based in Franklin TN; and O & S Machine Company, from Latrobe PA. Both met all (4) criteria, and were located in competitive machining markets.


Southeastern Manufacturing Enterprise Initial Online Presence

Shop had dated and not responsive, not mobile-friendly, website (SEE screenshot below).


Southeastern Manufacturing Enterprise | Homepage | Old Website



Social media signals and profiles were not present and the website had zero back-links. However, due to having a website, SME was able to build some domain authority.


O & S Machine Initial Online Presence

This fifty year-old machine shop had no online presence at all.


Browser Not Found Sample


Both companies were given similar plans-of-action, processes and timelines, each are discussed in further detail below.


Timeline and Process


Due to both businesses having different starting points we tailored separate plans to ensure both were given a strong digital marketing foundation. However, each strategy followed a few basic principles: designing and building a responsive website, ensure focus of all major on-page SEO elements, create social media accounts, and correctly submit business listing citations.

At KriXis Consulting projects always kick-off with market research by MBAs utilizing a variety of tools, such as Google Keyword Planner and FreshKey, creating a clear marketing picture.

The two machine shops in this study were no exception to this rule. This tactic gives us insight into the volume of searches queried for specific terms or phrases, with results being based on monthly averages over 12-months, these can even be pinpointed to specific geographical areas. To simply put it, we uncover what potential customers are searching in your area, and make sure marketing efforts are geared towards those searches.

If that sounded confusing, don’t worry, it will all make sense when you see the plans in their entirety, followed by the results. Specific details for each company are listed below.


Southeastern Manufacturing Enterprise Marketing Plan


SME Responsive Website


We allotted 7-business days to conduct the research, present a mock-up layout, and build the new website.


Southeastern Manufacturing | Homepage | New Responsive Design


On-Page Keyword SEO Focus


  • Nashville TN Machine Shop
  • CNC Milling
  • Turning
  • Machine Building Services


Created Social Media Accounts


Completed within 30-days.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Google+


Business Listing Citations


Completed within 60-days.

  • Top 50 Directories


Kudzu Business Listing | Southeastern Manufacturing Enterprise

(Sample of correctly formatted business directory submission.)


Additional Blog


Within 90-days of project commencement we built SME a blog page, as well as produced an optimized article.


O & S Machine Company Marketing Plan


O & S Machine’s Responsive Website


We allotted 14-business days to conduct the research, present a mock-up layout, and build the new website. Extra time was provided due to no website existing prior to project.


Responsive Homepage | O&S Machine Company


On-Page Keyword SEO Focus


  • South Western PA Machine Shop
  • Pittsburgh Area Machining


Created Social Media Accounts


Completed within 30-days.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+


Business Listing Citations


Completed within 180-days.

  • Top 80 Directories


AboutUs Business Directory Submission | O&S Machine Company

(Sample of correctly formatted business directory submission.)


Current Standings (May 2017)


This is everyone’s favorite part, results that affect the bottom-line.


Search Engine Results


For each company we ran over 50 variations of common search phrases regarding services provided. We then selected (4) search terms using keywords for each shop’s geographical area, which averaged at least 50-100 searches per month; this provided a total of 200-2,000 opportunities for their machine shop to be found per month. These numbers only account for Google and their search partners; when considering Bing, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves, those numbers are easily doubled.

Feel free to test the following results for yourself.


SERPs | Southeastern Manufacturing Enterprise

Tennessee Machine Shop

  • Ranking: First Page, #10

Machine Building in TN

  • Ranking: First Page, #6

Franklin TN Machine Shop

  • Ranking: First Page, #3

CNC Machining in Franklin TN

  • Ranking First Page, #3


Google Search Engine Result | CNC Machining in Franklin TN


SERPs | O & S Machine Company


PA Machine Shop

  • Ranking: First Page, #1

Greater Pittsburgh Area Machining Services

  • Ranking: First Page, #1

Southwestern PA Machining

  • Ranking: First Page, #2

Pittsburgh Area Natural Gas Machining

  • Ranking: First Page, #1


Google Search Results | PA Machine Shop


Google Analytics Data


We added Google Analytics tracking to both websites. This software allows web admins to gather data ranging from the number of times a website was visited, geographic location of the visitors, how someone found a website (ex. search engine or directly typing in the web address), even exactly how the website is navigated during the visit. Not only does this information track marketing effort progress, but also allows admins to seek out bottlenecks preventing visitors from what is most important, making visitor into customer.

Below we added screenshots for both company’s data over a 6-month period, November 1, 2016 – May 1, 2017.


Google Analytics | Southeastern Manufacturing Enterprise


KriXis Consulting Google Analytics Data | Southeastern Manufacturing Enterprise


  • 597 unique visitors during a 6-month period.


Google Analytics | O & S Machine Company


Data From Google Analytics By KriXis Consulting | O&S Machine Company


  • 505 unique visitors during a 6-month period.


Case Study Overview


  • Two machine shops, in different locations and markets began with little to no online presence.
  • KriXis Consulting provided tailored plans to build a strong digital foundation.
  • Both companies generated awareness and business within a year time period, backed by data directly from Google.


We cannot stress enough that digital marketing is not an overnight success. You will not see immediate results unless you implement paid ad campaigns, which we highly discourage doing for the machining and manufacturing industry.

Additionally, it’s important to note both projects have been complete for almost a year, which provided the necessary time to have all aspects of the foundation indexed.

Our goal is long-term partnerships with clients that provide years of growth and online dominance. If you have any questions regarding what you have read or if you are interested in seeing what we can do for you, fill out the contact form below, or visit our contact page and it will be our pleasure to provide a free consultation. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, please share it via social media or with anyone whom you think it could benefit, if you’d like to learn more about our services or see more posts like this, all you need to do is click either link.


We Look Forward To Hearing From You!


Placing your business in front of local customers looking to buy your product or service is the goal of every business. Local SEO is how you can achieve this goal. The next ten minutes spent reading this post will inform you on what Local SEO is, the top reasons you need it and educate you on simple strategies you can implement today that will show results.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing your website to show up locally (depending on where the search is made) for targeted keywords or phrases on search engines.

If you use Google, you are likely familiar with the image below, which shows local search results.


Google Search | Local SEO


The letters next to the businesses name are also points on Google’s map; other search engines have a similar service. If you wish to view for yourself, simply Google “Local Law Firms” and you will see a map for yourself listing law firms in your area.

As a business owner I am sure that you can already see the benefits of being at the top of the local list. After researching we compiled a list of the top reasons you need local SEO covered in detail below.

Top Reasons You Need Local SEO

  1. Mobile Traffic

Chances are you have a smartphone, even if you do not, your customers do. People are utilizing search engines more and more from their phones. These searches are based on the current GPS location of the mobile device, in turn; delivering search results from the local surrounding area. You can see from the picture below how local SEO plays a factor on a mobile device.


Local SEO | Mobile Device


Potential customers have the ability to immediately call a business that appears at the top of the local search results. We are certain that you want your business to be in that position, making mobile traffic one of the top reasons to focus on local SEO.

On a side note, Google and other search engines factor whether or not your website is mobile-friendly (responsive) when determining local search engine rankings. Visit our post on responsive web design.

  1. Local Consumers Switching To The Internet

Bright Local states, “64% of local customers use online search engines and directories as their main way to find local business; only 28% of people use old paper directories as their preferred source of local information.

The online search trend will continue to grow; phone books are not making a comeback.

Bright Local also states in the same article that only 10% of businesses have claimed their local listing on Google. You have the opportunity to become one of the early adopters of local SEO. Take advantage of it while you can.

  1. Professional Appearance

People believe that the results Google and other search engines provide are credible businesses. Having your business at the top of this list (not as a paid advertisement) showcases you as what search engines consider to be the best.

You can take this appearance to the next level by having a modern, professional and clean user-friendly website. Trust online is an extremely valuable asset, combining local SEO with a premier website places your business leaps and bounds past your competition.

  1. Budget Friendly

As stated previously only 10% of businesses have claimed their free Google local listing. Like the Google local listing, many other local SEO strategies can be completed for free, costing only a time commitment, which we will be covering shortly.

You should be realizing local SEO is something your business needs to be focusing on. We provided a video below that covers even more reasons to get started.



We are going to transition this post into gaining an understanding of the factors that play a role on local SEO and the steps you can take now for free that will begin improving your local search position.

Local SEO Ranking Factors


Stats | Local SEO


Having knowledge of the factors that count toward local SEO will help in making sense of the upcoming do-it-yourself strategies. Moz, one of the most reputable sources for SEO information, determined these ranking factors; clicking provides the full top 50 list. Many of the items on the list may seem confusing, we would be more than happy to clear up any questions, by clicking here.

Our strategies are going to focus on the two aspects that require no technical skill: NAPw (name, address, phone and website) and social media.

Strategies You Can Use To Boost Local SEO

The strategies below are completely free, no gimmicks or hidden charges, however, some of the steps will lead to calls asking you to pay for ‘premium services’. Out of all of the clients we helped, we were able to achieve the top spot on local searches without having to pay. Our suggestion is to decline the offer.

Directory Listing Strategy

For this strategy you want to submit your business to as many applicable free directories that you can find. Applicable is the keyword, and we will address how to find these directories and how to properly submit your business to them.

Finding Listing Directories

We first want to touch on the listings you should set up before finding others, they are:

Google places for business, Bing places for business, Yahoo local listing, Yelp business listing, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, Manta, City Search and Local.com

These can all be found by searching “(listing directory) free business listing.” These will take some time, but the investment will be worth it. You can also click here for a list of 32 directories or here for a list of 100.

The next step will be to find directories that are specific to your area. The easiest way to do this is simply search “(your city name) free business listing.” The image below is a sample of what you will see.


San Diego | Free Business Listing | Search Result


Finding local free listings can take time and patience, but the work is worth it if you want to eventually reach the top spot for local SEO.

Some directories you find may not be free to join anymore. If you run into one of these directories simply exit the page and continue searching for free opportunities.

Proper Business Listing Submission

You need to ensure that all listing information is consistent. For example:

KriXis Consulting

123 Penn Drive

San Diego, CA 92104

(855) 457-4947





KriXis Consulting

123 Penn Drive

San Diego, CA 92104




Do you see the problem? The phone number is appearing different, as well as the website address. You need to ensure that even the spacing remains the same from directory to directory. This is crucial, or all of your work placing listings will go to waste.

Social Media Local SEO Strategy

Even if you are not planning to be active on social media, you should have accounts set up and thoroughly filled out for the major platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Creating these profiles alone provide the opportunity for placing your listing information on another source, boosting your local SEO visibility.


social media growth - machine shop marketing


We do suggest becoming active on these accounts. More fans and activity on social media provide signals, which reflect on local SEO. You can find more information regarding getting started in social media from our previous post.


Understanding that you can control your position on search engines is an opportunity you must capitalize on. If you begin investing the time towards the above strategies you are going to see an improvement in your search result position.

The above information is a starting point. We are more than happy to answer any local SEO questions you may have. KriXis Consulting offers a full range of services, capable of meeting all digital marketing needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post, we encourage you to comment below and share this post with friends and co-workers.

Setting up, Managing & Optimizing Small Business Email Marketing

Revenue from email marketing has increased by 28% from 2013-2014, having an outstanding ROI of 4300% (econsultancy); making email marketing a priority when looking into cost effective digital marketing options. The goal of this post is to get small businesses headed in the right direction, with as little cost to the business as possible.

Taking advantage of email marketing is not difficult when using mailing list management software such as http://mailchimp.com/. It is also free to create an account. This software allows you to arrange and refine email lists, track user behavior and create professional appearing emails. The software provides you the freedom to update and prioritize your contacts according to their interests or participation level. It is important to have an active list, meaning, only sending emails to those reading and interested in your content otherwise you run the risk of being labeled as spam, which will be addressed later.

E-consultancy’s survey has shown that only 7% of businesses find email marketing to be not effective. A 93% approval rating for those who implement an email marketing strategy should make reading and sharing this post an easy choice. We are going to cover how to set up an emailing list management account, keys to optimizing your email campaigns and the benefits email marketing brings to your small business.

How To Setup Your Emailing List Management Account

Setting up a mailing list management account can be done in just 4 simple steps. We suggest using Mail Chimp for 2 reasons: it is free to create an account, and it is easy to use. You can open a second browser window and follow the steps below as an easy-to-follow guide.

The first step is to go to Mail Chimp’s home page. Up at the top right corner of Mail Chimp’s website is their sign up button. Go ahead and click on that button to get the whole process started.

setting up email marketing management for small business

The first thing Mail Chimp will prompt you for is your email. Make sure you list your primary email for the best communication line between you and Mail Chimp. Next, create a username and password. Once you have those two filled in, click on the “create my account” button.

signing up for email marketing management

Mail Chimp runs what’s called a double opt-in procedure. What this means is they will send you an email asking you to verify that you indeed want to use Mail Chimp’s services. We mention this here because this is a strategy that you should use when developing your mailing lists in the future. You want relevant contacts. It is better to have a list of 100 readers, than 2,500 that will never open your email.

creating a mail chimp account

After going to your email and confirming with Mail Chimp, they will redirect you to this page here. Make sure to fill in the entire form then click to finish generating your account.

email marketing opt-in page

After finishing the preliminary admin work, you will be taken to this screen. You can set up an email campaign from here, create a list, start building your audience and even invite your colleagues.

last step in creating a email marketing management account


How to Optimize Your Emails

Now that you have an account set up and created a list (or imported a list of contacts you already had – you can import from excel), it is time to create a campaign. There are several ways that we have found to optimize your emails for a higher ROI.

Write Attention Grabbing Subject Lines That Offer A Clear Benefit

Think about how much your email is bombarded with advertisements. Then think about how many emails you delete without opening them. This is why it is so important to have a subject line that screams “OPEN ME!” You know your customers and what is important to them. Use this knowledge as a point of reference, if you are having trouble coming up with an attention grabbing subject line I suggest visiting Marketing Profs blog.

Email Marketing Attention Grabbing Subject Line Example

If you were a machine shop owner your clients (or email list) would be interested in you purchasing a new machine that is faster, allowing you to complete work cheaper than before. You need to make sure the subject line gets that information across as concisely as possible.

“Saving You Money With New Additions To Our Company,” would be a great subject line.


Provide A Clear Call-To-Action In Your Email Marketing

Whether a customer is buying your latest widget, or reading your latest post, your call-to-action needs to be clearly shown in your email. The digital marketing team at KriXis Consulting has found opening and ending with the same call-to-action yields the best results. Additionally, we have also found putting the ending call-to-action on its own line receives more clicks.

You need to provide direction to your audience.

Below are two examples of clear call-to-actions perfect for small business email marketing:


“If you like what you read share this with your co-workers, and check out our post on responsive websites.”


“Reply with this code XXXXX and receive a 15% discount on your next order.”


Use Appealing Graphics/ Visuals In Emails


Words alone will not grab attention. Human beings are visually stimulated; use this to your advantage. You will want to find something that is both attention grabbing and relevant. Pixabay is a great place to find professional images for free if you do not have your own. The image below is a great example for advertising this blog post through email marketing.


Segment Your Email List


Your email list is not just one giant collection of contacts. Each of those contacts falls into different sub categories that can boost targeting.


Segmenting Scenario For Email Marketing Campaigns


You have three types of buyers: steel, aluminum and copper. You purchased the new machine mentioned above in the subject line section, and it can be used for all metals; you may want to email all three groups. A week later you discover a new use for copper. In this case it would be best to only email the copper buyers.


Incorporate Social Media


This promotes social sharing of your email, and allows those reading your email to connect with you on other platforms. Your business will be rewarded on Google’s search engine results as more social media signals are pointing back to your website.


business social media promotion in email

Focus on Formatting Your Campaigns


The days of only checking email on your computer are gone. Smart phones allow your contacts to check their email anywhere, and you need to tailor your emails to this. Mail Chimp allows you to send test emails before messaging your entire list. We suggest emailing yourself the test and opening it on your phone. You may be surprised and find out what looked great on your computer, looks awful on mobile.


It is also equally important to use a format that makes sense, here is a logically formatted email: title, attention, call-to-action, grabbing phrase, body and call-to-action. This is basic, but works. Simple and easy to follow emails provide the best user-experience.

Prevent Spam Complaints


You can get penalized from too many spam complaints. The penalty is having your emails filtered as spam by those who have not even reported your message as spam. The best way to avoid this is to make sure the “unsubscribe” button is big and clearly visible in your emails. Losing one subscriber is way less of an impact than having dozens of people on your list not see your latest promotion because it was marked as spam. For more information on how spam affects your email I suggest reading this post by Search CRM.


Small Business Email Marketing Allows For Tests and Tracking


Email marketing requires analyzing the data and making adjustments. It is a constantly evolving process and needs to be evaluated regularly to make sure the practices you are using are indeed being effective. Mail Chimp is a great tool, since it gathers all of this information for you. Professional help is available, KriXis Consulting offers email management services, allowing you to focus on your business, while we track the data and make adjustments.

Benefits of Using Mailing List Platforms


Email Marketing Reduces Time And Effort For Small Businesses

Storing all of your customer’s information in one place makes life easy. Two major benefits are:

1. You can group contacts based on industry or interests


2. You can access this information from anywhere with an Internet connection

Typing in multiple emails into an address bar is a thing of the past. One click composes a personalized email (based on their name and information you have stored) to a small target group, or your entire emailing list. Mail Chimp also has premade templates, allowing you to focus on the message and not the layout.

More Frequent Communication With Current And Potential Customers

Mailing List Marketing will give you the opportunity to stay more connected with your customer base. It is important to note that emailing once per week is considered best practice.

email marketing technology advances improve b2c communication

Test Email Marketing Messages

Many people never think about how an email is going to appear on someone’s phone. Using an email management system will let you view the message from a mobile device before you send it to your list.

Bonus Information Spreading For Small Businesses

The great thing about email is the ability to forward messages. The creation of a successful email campaign increases the chances of your message being shared.

Low Cost Of Email Marketing

The monetary cost associated with beginning an Email Marketing Campaign are very low. The management tool is free (unless you have enormous email lists or want more than basic features), and you can take the time to manage everything yourself. However, as with everything time related there is an opportunity cost, which is why mailing list management is one of our digital marketing services growing in popularity for small businesses.

Exponentially Better Ability To Track Sales And User Engagement

Mailing List Marketing Software tracks the following data: how many people opened an email, how many people clicked a link in email, which specific link within an email was clicked, how many people complained that an email was spam or unsubscribed and whether your email made it to the inbox of your subscribers. You get the feedback that matters instantly.

email management allows small businesses to track data

Small Business Email Marketing Conclusion

Effective marketing campaigns can transform a business. Becoming an early adopter to technology puts you ahead of everything else. You should now be able to open a mailing list management account, understand the basics of how to use it and see the benefits it has for your business.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We always appreciate sharing our content as well. If you have any further questions, please comment below.