Welcome back everyone, and we would like to apologize for the delay in featuring a new shop; however, the wait was certainly worth it. For this installment in our Machine Shop Of The Week series we head to Fraser, Michigan to meet Zero Tolerance CNC.

So jumping right into it, how did you get started? 

We started our business in Lawrence Kansas while I was still working as a full time employee with a different company. We bought our first CNC mill in 2011 and I had to totally rebuild it myself, it took 3 months. From there we acquired more used equipment until we reached the point where we had a fully equipped machine shop. Originally from Michigan, my wife Jamie and I made a decision to sell our homes in Kansas and move back to Michigan to live with my parents until we had the company (Zero Tolerance, LLC) fully funding itself in its new location. Our growing family moved into my parent’s basement and lived there for 3 years until we thought the timing was right to make it on our own again while running the shop. During our time living with my parents we had our 4th son, Eli James. Hit the fast forward button 3 years… and we have a great family of employees that have helped us continue to grow and be the best we can be. We have purchased our first shop building and also recently purchased another company called Sunspot Tooling Systems. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

What are some struggles you have had along the way of growing your shop?

Trying to stay up-to-date with all the new technology in the world so we can provide the best possible outcomes for our customers and staff.

What should we know that makes your shop unique?

We pride ourselves on hitting deadlines and making sure any job that comes out of our shop is as close to perfect as it can be. We have the willingness to continue to learn, whatever our customers need and if it can be done we WILL figure it out! We are always striving for perfection – achieving and delivering excellence.

What are your capabilities/services?

We are a plastic injection mold machine shop our services are:

-Design/Build Plastic Injection Molds

-Sinker EDM Burning

-Mold Design

-3D Printing

-CNC Machining/programming

-Benching and Spotting


-Injection Molding

Do you specialize in working in a particular industry or industries?

We work with a lot of different industries such as Medical, Automotive, Military, Consumer Products…etc. We do it all!

Tell us about a unique job you’ve done.

Some unique work we’ve done as a company has been related to technology and the internet. We worked on a project called MYCROFT funded and started on Kickstarter it is the OG of Amazon Alexa or the Echo Dot. We built the mold for the body of the robot and seeing the journey their company has gone through and the success has been really cool, and it was awesome we were able to be apart of it.

Another cool job was when we built molds that make an Iphone case called, Slyder. The back of the case slides out so you can put your credit cards and license in the back of your phone, or money! Along the way I’ve been brainstorming a new invention called SMARTSPOT. A phone holder for your car that fits right into your cars cup holder, it holds your phone, drink, charging cords and best of all… ITS NOT MOUNTED ON YOUR WINDSHIELD! With the ever increasing dangers of having our phones constantly in our faces when driving SMARTSPOT gives drivers the option of putting your phone in a place that is NOT a distraction or obstruction but is in reach. Promoting the wise choice to leave your phone in the SMARTSPOT while driving, could save a life.

Zero Tolerance CNC Project - SMARTSPOT | Michigan Machine Shop

Additional Company Information

  • Website     zerotolerancecnc.com
  • Phone                 (586) 630 3032
  • Mailing Address         33419 Kelly Road Fraser, MI 48026
  • Facebook Page URL         facebook.com/zerocnc
  • Instagram Page URL     www.instagram.com/ZEROCNC
  • Owner(s) Name(s)                   Steve & Jamie Michon

Fraser, Michigan Machine Shop Logo | Zero Tolerance CNC LLC

We have found our third machine shop to feature in our Machine Shop Of The Week series, and we are thrilled to introduce Precision Manufacturing Solutions of Biddeford, Maine.

Logo For Precision Manufacturing Solutions | Maine

How did you get started? And how has the journey been so far?

In 2003 Precision Manufacturing Solutions was formed and continues to be operated by key employees of the former Atlantic Precision Products. Our focus from the beginning has been High Complexity work in the Aerospace and Defense sectors that other shops shy away from while utilizing the highest levels of technology available. We started with a dozen employees and have grown to 75 currently. We employ machinists who enjoy being challenged and are passionate about the trade. Employees looking for an easy ride don’t do well here.

Alloy Machined | by Precision Manufacturing Solutions

What are some struggles you have had along the way of growing your shop/business?

Probably the biggest challenge has been finding employees that are interested in a challenge, and are willing to put the time in to learn the necessary skills.

What should we know that makes your shop/business unique?

We are unique in our ability to create processes to control difficult to machine features, in difficult to machine alloys, at difficult to hold tolerances.

What are your capabilities/services?

ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D Certified Quality System.

Full ERP System with integrated scheduling

Solid Model Creation

100% of our programing is from Solid Models, including our CMM’s

Flatness to 2 HLB (.000022”)

Roundness .0002

True Position to .001

Profile to .001

Diameters to +/-.0002

Multiple CMM’s with Calibrated accuracy < .000045

Optical Flat measuring capability to 5” diameter

Form-Scan measurement capability (Roundness, Flatness, Perpendicularity, Parallelism to <.00001)

Contrace measurement capability (Theoretical Points of Intersect, angles, radi to <.00005)

Turning = up to 18”

Milling = 400mm Cube

5-Axis = 14” dia x 12” long Cylinder

Multitasking (Mill Turn) 12” x 12” Cylinder

We regularly work in 300 & 400 Series Stainless Steel, Inconel’s, Hastelloy’s, Nimonic’s, Titanium’s, Tungsten, Magnesium, etc…

Exterior Photo of Precision Manufacturing Solutions | Maine


Maine Machine Shop | Precision Mfg. | Interior


Do you specialize in working in a particular industry or industries?

We specialize in Aerospace, primarily engine seals, and Defense, primarily Optics.

CNC Machining by Precision Mfg. | Maine

Multiple Images | CNC Machining Project | Precision Mfg.

Business Information

Website – https://www.precision-mfg.com/

Phone – (207) 282-6080

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/precisionmanufacturingsolutions/

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This week marks the second post in our blog series Machine Shop Of The Week, and we are happy to say we found a shop in our home state of California. So without further delay we would like to introduce Burch Micro Machining of Napa, Ca.

Company Logo | Burch Micro Machining

How did you get started? And how has the journey been so far?

Well, the business was started in 1986 by Arthur Burch who began as an apprentice on Mare Island during WW2. After working there for many years and going through the pilot training program, the war ended and he ended up as a B29 mechanic at Travis Air Force Base. He went on to run a motorcycle shop and was the mechanic for his race team. When the time came to move on he found this shop space and brought his knowledge with him!

What are some struggles you have had along the way of growing your shop/business?

The greatest struggle has been learning the effective use of social media and online marketing strategies. Finding where we can get the most out of out money is an on going battle.

What should we know that makes your shop/business unique?

We find that our customers become long time friends more often than not! Having lunch with several of our past customers is a regular Friday for us!

Building Exterior | Burch Micro Machining

(Shop Exterior)

What are your capabilities/services?

Our services range anywhere from repair to making parts and prototype! We also bore motorcycle cylinders and other small engines!

Napa, CA | Burch Micro Machining | Inside View

(Shop Interior)

Do you specialize in working in a particular industry or industries?

We’re smack dab in the middle of wine country where hundreds of business revolving around agriculture are based. We have no specializations listed but wine production repairs and bottling line parts are not uncommon sights in our shop!

Tell us about a unique job you’ve done.

Many interesting one off jobs come through our doors but one that sticks out to me is a recent one where a customer asked us to mount a Rolls Royce hood ornament to a walking stick!

Rolls-Royce Emblem | Machined by Burch Micro Machining

Business Information

Website – http://burchmicromachining.com

Phone – (707) 257-7229

Mailing Address – 1790 Tanen St. Napa, CA

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Burch-Micro-Machining-154997467869157/

Owner(s) – Arthur Burch & Joseph Gabrielian

Owner Of Burch Micro Machining

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