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Top 15 Reasons Your Business Needs Responsive Website Design

What is a responsive website?

Responsive websites are designed for optimum viewing on different devices. They are just as easy to navigate on a smartphone or other device as they are on a desktop.

Many websites are great on computers, but look awful from a phone or tablet. Here is an example of a website that is not responsive:

Desktop View

not responsive website design example | desktop

 Mobile View

mobile site view of not responsive design

As you can see this is not friendly at all for the potential customer. This type of website will be quickly left. Below is a responsive example found at KriXis Consulting’s responsive website design page.

 Desktop Viewresponsive website | desktop view

 Mobile View

responsive website example | mobile view

The difference is night and day. Before you continue reading I encourage you to look at your own website on your phone or tablet. You will immediately see if you have a responsive website or not.

This post highlights the top 15 reasons your website should be responsive. After reading, the decision to make the change to responsive website design should be easy.

 The Reasons For Responsive Website Design

  1. User-Experience (UX) Is Best On Responsive

If a customer is on your website via mobile the last thing you want is for them to leave immediately because the screen is impossible to read. Maybe they were just on your website at the office, but had a doctor appointment. While in the waiting room they wanted to learn more about your services. However, your website is impossible to navigate from their phone. That lead leaves your website and finds a company with similar services that is mobile-friendly. Creating a responsive website ensures that the user-experience is the same on all devices.

  1. Life Becomes Easier

It is not uncommon for web developers to create multiple versions of your website. For example, your website may be http://xyz.com; but a http://mobile.xyz.com may have been created separately. This practice helped make non-responsive websites mobile-friendly, or at least appear to be. The downfall arises with the maintenance and upkeep of two different websites, not even thinking about the possibility of new devices for searching the web being created in the future.

  1. Search Engines Want Responsive Website Design

Google likes responsive website design. Why would you want to go against the company that controls where you appear? Google not only recommends responsive website design as the best way to target mobile and tablet users, it also favors mobile-optimized sites when presenting results for searches made on a mobile device. Yahoo and Bing state the same. This should be reason enough to make the change.

  1. Increasing Number Of Mobile Users

More and more people are getting away from accessing the Internet through a desktop. Google searches done on mobile devices have actually been surpassed by searches done via desktop. This trend is not going to change, and the gap between mobile v. desktop will continue to expand as more people utilize their smart phones to their capacity. In fact, 61% of people have a better opinion of a brand based on their mobile website. Are you ready to make a responsive website with KriXis Consulting?

  1. Customer Trends Show An Increase Of Shopping Online

We all know that shopping online is easier than driving to the store. In many cases it is cheaper as well. Studies show that out of those who shop online 80% have bought something through their mobile device. A responsive website design gets your business a piece of that large influx in sales.

mobile-friendly shopping | starbuck mobile

  1. Staying Ahead Of Your Competition

Every leading business is developing a way to easily make purchases on mobile devices. They are developing responsive website design to make these transactions as simple as possible. As a business owner you should pick up on this trend since it works. This is an opportunity to get ahead of your competition, or a chance for your competition to get ahead of you.

  1. Major Platforms Support Responsive Designs

If you are reading this I am sure that you have heard of CMS’s (content management systems) such as WordPress. These CMS now have theme options that allow for a responsive website design. Going responsive also provides the perfect opportunity and reason for you to change over to one of these CMS. They make your online life much easier, we suggest going with WordPress and I’m sure most would agree.

  1. Responsive Website Design Is Cost Effective

Responsive websites may cost more to initially have designed and built. However, this investment requires less maintenance cost in the long run, since the responsive website will automatically adapt to every device. Making them considered one of the most cost effective and time saving development options available today. Our price is set to get you started towards a responsive design today.

  1. SEO And Marketing Benefits

As stated before many businesses have different websites for different devices. Search engines such as Google prefer using just one URL, hence providing an SEO boost. Also, Google uses a separate algorithm for mobile devices; this algorithm marks some websites as mobile-friendly. A responsive website design will make your website mobile-friendly. Notice the gray ‘mobile-friendly’ tags in the image below.

Search Results Page | Mobile-Friendly Tags

  1. Benefits On Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising can benefit your business by allowing you to specifically target a customer based on location and search terms. Google Adwords has the feature ‘enhanced campaigns’, which now allows you to target customers by device. Having a responsive website design adds to the flexibility and specificity of your paid marketing campaigns.

  1. Keeping People On Your Website

Bounce rate refers to people heading to your website and leaving before checking out other pages. You want to have a lower bounce rate. As more people visit websites on their phones, they will expect to be visiting an operable website. If your website looks awful on mobile, customers will leave. Responsive website design guarantees the same functionality as they would have on a desktop.

  1. Social Media Brings Mobile Traffic

As a business owner you should have Google Analytics attached to your website. Google Analytics allows you to track where traffic to your website is coming from and what pages people are landing on when they do arrive. Most inbound marketing strategies include social media and blogging. ComScore has recently completed a study that shows 55% of social media usage is mobile. As you change to responsive website design you would be able to see in Google Analytics that customers being funneled to your website from social media are staying longer. Our approach towards digital marketing begins with a responsive foundation, but then attached all the tools needed to collect and record data.

  1. Internet Devices In The Future

The original iPhone was released in June 2007. The iPad was released in September 2010. These devices completely changed the way people use and connect to the Internet. New devices will emerge, and a responsive website design will adapt to that device.

  1. Americans Use Their Phone In The Bathroom

75% of Americans are using their phones while in the bathroom. They are taking this time to catch up with social media or look for things online. Responsive website design will give customers a positive web experience during this time.

  1. Fresh Presence For Your Business

Everyone has been to websites that are impressive. People have also gone to websites that appear old, cluttered and lousy. How do you want your business to appear? Our small business digital marketing page is a sleek, clean and up-to-date look, which was built with responsive website design.

small business marketing responsive web design

Process Of Making The Change


There are a few factors you need to consider after deciding to go with a responsive website design.

 Summing Up Responsive Website Design

The reasons above should motivate you towards responsive website design. Adjusting to what your customers are doing is necessary for all businesses to succeed. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, we greatly appreciate all social media sharing, as well as sharing this information directly with friends and colleagues. You can click here to learn more on how KriXis Consulting can begin the responsive website design process with your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may or may not be a term that you are familiar with. Those who have heard of it may believe it to be something they do not need, and to those whom never heard of SEO may think that they have not for a reason. However, a few minutes of your time will change your outlook and can have a significant impact on what matters to you, your bottom-line, if you don’t believe me after you finish click here for Modern Machine Shops advice. Before I dive into explaining the 3 reasons SEO will work for your machine shop, an understanding of what SEO is will build the needed foundation.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing your website being found by potential customers for searched SEO - Definition of SEO - Optimizationkeywords. If someone searches CNC machine shops, they receive a list of results. SEO is the strategic tool that puts your shop at the top of that list. The higher your machine shop is on that list, the more likely a customer will click onto your website. I will provide an easy to follow example below.

The Dilemma:

You are a CNC machine shop in Dallas, TX. You have just hired a professional to build you a website to showcase your 5-axis capabilities, and the website looks great. You wait for new customers to contact you. A week goes by, and then months, and you are starting to feel like you wasted your money, and now believe that the Internet is a terrible investment.

This is the kind of story every real digital solutions provider dreads to hear, and here is why. You were just handed a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-500, and it is a thing of beauty. You jump in the drivers seat, put the key in the ignition, turn it, but nothing happens. Confused you pop the hood, and are shocked to see that there is no engine. You cannot believe you just bought what looked to be a pristine car, but soon realize it is worthless.

Let me connect the dots. The car represents your top-of-the-line website, and the engine represents SEO.

Without the engine the car/website is . . .

  • Strictly for your viewing pleasure only, or
  • Reserved for those you personally invite

With the engine your car/website . . .

  • Is shared with more people than you realize, and
  • While you are driving more people are turning their heads and noticing

The video below is another easy to follow explanation of SEO incase you still need some clarification. Found Here.



Now that you have an understanding of SEO, it is equally important to see how SEO will affect your machine shop. Here are 3 key reasons SEO will be important to your machining business.

  1. Getting Buyers To You.

Whether you have or have not embraced technology, your customers have, and that is what matters most. If you have embraced technology I want you to think about this. You and your significant other are on a trip to the Florida Keys, after exploring for the day you are both famished and looking for the best seafood option to cap off an amazing day. You pull out your iPhone and search “best seafood restaurants.” Google knows where you are located and immediately delivers results for you to select from. Being hungry you click the first option after noticing good reviews, obtain the address, and you are on your way.

You were just SEOed. That restaurant was not at the top by accident, a professional got them to that position. You were SEO - Research looking for a specific type of restaurant, and Google knew this based on what you were searching. The SEO specialist knew that searches for that particular phrase indicate a true buyer, and based off that knowledge he/she needed to get his/her client to be at the top for that word.

This is called inbound marketing. This means that you are only being marketed to the people that matter. As a comparison, lets look at placing an ad for your machine shop in the local paper. Say 50,000 people monthly are reading the paper, but only 2,000 look into the classifieds, and 5 people might care about machining, but those 5 are already in the machining industry, and 4 of those 5 are your relatives. However, SEO allows you to have everyone who sees your ad actually be interested in your ad. My research shows that per NTMA chapter area 110 searches for machine shops are being conducted.

Below is an example graph of the information that can be found on Google Keywords:


SEO - Keyword research - machining new mexico

  1. Make Your Shop The Authority.

Seeing the importance of ranking for a particular keyword or keyword phrase should be starting to become clearer. The second reason we at KriXis Consulting have selected is just as important as the first.

The word “authority” is more than likely throwing you off, but there are plenty of different versions of authority, ranging from the local police to the President of the United States. Looking at both examples, and all other examples you can think of regarding authority, a common trait is respect for what is asked for. Being the top spot of Google for a given search is website authority, as long as you are commanding for it, SEO triggers this.

Google has placed a particular website above the others due to Google’s belief in that website being exactly what a customer is looking for when searching for certain words. People making these searches trust Google as well, and believe that Google’s selection is the best option for them.

SEO is asking for the top spot on Google, and a professionally optimized website gives you this, leading to your machine shop becoming the authority.

  1. Look At The Numbers.

The above graph shows how many searches on average are done per NTMA chapter area per month. If your website is not at or near that top you are invisible to those perspective customers.

Below is a table, which shows a study by Google on how often your page is getting clicked according to where it appears on the rankings:


Search Engine Optimization - Google SERP


It is easy to see that being in the top three is essential, and being in the top ten is vital to being seen at all.

You may be saying to yourself, “how many of those searches are actual buyers,” and this is a legitimate concern for anyone contemplating hiring SEO services for their shop. I want you to think about this though. I have regularly built Mercedes AMGs on the local dealerships website, but I have never had intent to make the purchase. This may be a strange comparison, but think about the difference between the Mercedes AMG and a CNC machine shop. People always search cars for fun, but people are not searching machine shops. The only reason someone is searching for a machine shop is if the individual is a machinist looking for work or looking for machining services.

Having that cleared up look at the number of searches and multiply that by the percentage of your desired rank on Google. To make this easy lets say your machine shop is number 1 on the search results and 100 people searched that month, that is a total of 36 customers going to your website. To play it safe lets say 2/3 of those heading to your website are looking for work. This leaves you with 12 potential customers for that month. We can again play it safe and say 1/3 of those potentials become customers, giving you 4 new customers for that one month. All you need to do now is simple math to determine if: (average profit margin per customer) X 4 > (cost of SEO fees). This should be a no-brainer either way.


Our integrity at KriXis Consulting means everything to us. Saying that, it is only right to tell you that SEO is not an immediate fix; it is a process that takes time to achieve. However, when combined with other solutions, all of which included in our phase 1 package, this process is sped up and will show better results.

The purpose of this article was to show you how important SEO is in order to grow your business, especially in today’s technological era. If you are currently advertising in the newspaper and/or Yellow Pages I’m sure you have been seeing less and less of a return on your investment; this is due to people going digital to find what they are looking for.

Lastly, from my experience within machining I have realized that the business is heavily referral based, and you are probably saying to yourself that all of my business comes from referrals, and you may even be saying that you cannot handle anymore business. So let me end it with these two points:

  1. Those long-time referrals are selling their businesses and new ownership is coming into effect. These new owners are looking online for machine shops to work with; you are only lying to yourself about this and it will only hurt in the long run.
  1. How many hours a day are mills and laves sitting idle, they can always work; I don’t know a single owner who doesn’t want to run multiple shifts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to sharing with you again next week, more of our work regarding SEO can be found by clicking here as well. Feel free to comment below, we would appreciate all comments and would be happy to clear up any questions.